Positano, Italy, and the Santa Maria Assunta Church

For more than 30 years, Albert Barbusci has created businesses and grown them to maturity in China, North America, and elsewhere around the Pacific Rim. Most of the ventures he started or assisted were involved in marketing and advertising, but his interests have shifted over the years to digital entertainment and residential real estate, both in North America and in China. Outside the office, Albert Barbusci enjoys a broad range of recreational activities and hobbies, including golf, hiking, football, and travel, especially to Positano, Italy.

Located on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Positano is a village that clings to the base of the hills of the Sorrento peninsula where they spill into the Gulf of Salerno. Considered one of the Amalfi Coast’s most photogenic towns, the village is hugely popular among tourists.

One of Positano’s main attractions is Santa Maria Assunta Church, which has a dome made of maiolica tiles and features a Byzantine icon of a black Madonna. The icon is reputed to have been stolen from Byzantium by pirates who were then caught in a terrible storm off the Amalfi Coast. Upon hearing the voice of Mary telling him, “Posa! Posa!” (“Drop! Drop”), the pirate captain had the icon taken ashore and left with the people of the village, at which point the storm abated.